About the Future Golf VIII

Volkswagen Golf VIII will have a new version that will consume 2.35 liters per kilometer. The eighth generation of the Golf will have a version that consumes only 2.35 liters per kilometer. The model will be available on the market in 2020.

Volkswagen has announced that they will prepare and build a new version of the Golf, a supereconomic model, in 2020. This model belongs to the eighth generation of the Golf’s and will be named blue-e-motion. The most economical Golf of history will have an average consumption of 2.35 liters per kilometer and CO2 emissions of only 75 grams per kilometer.

The future Golf VIII will benefit of many technological elements taken from the new concept XL1 and will receive an hybrid drive train evolved from the concept presented which debuted this year at the Auto Show in Qatar.

Supereconomic Golf’s version will not be so cheap and the model will benefit from the many components of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Following this measure, Antiphonary model will decrease, but the Germans are preparing an unpleasant sound damping system through the audio system. Also, the entire drive train will benefit from a reduction in friction and aerodynamics will be improved significantly.

Both Volkswagen and its rivals will be forced to launch models meant to be more economical designed to meet European standards. By 2020, the range of each automobile should have an average of just 95 grams CO2 per kilometer.

In addition to organic version of Up!, Volkswagen will benefit from a few electric versions of its models with supereconomic version of Golf. Together, all these models will help the Germans to cut CO2 emissions. In the mean time, Fiat is the brand volume with the lowest CO2 emissions in Europe.

Volkswagen celebrated the production of copy number 111.111.111. The model in question is painted in a Golf GTI Shadow Blue Metallic, but the first successful model of the Germans is the famous Beetle. In the case of the Beetle, the Volkswagen engineers have produced 21.5 million units. For a long time, the Beetle was produced in the world model.

The product model is the Volkswagen Golf, with more than 28 million copies. Golf’s production began in 1974, and the model has already reached the sixth generation. Seventh Generation is ready to debut in the next two years.

Volkswagen has 35 factories worldwide. In Germany, they are located in Wolfsburg, Braunschweig, Kassel, Emden, Hanover, Zwickau, Salzgitter, Dresden and Chemnitz. By 2020, Volkswagen wants to become the largest automobile manufacturer in the world and sell about 10 million units per year.

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