Fuel Saving Tips

Do not drive with unnecessary weight in your car if you can help it. Extra weight will make your car’s engine work much harder leading to you using a lot more fuel. Remove roof racks when you are not using them, the extra drag they cause increases fuel consumption as well. For the same reason close your windows and sunroof.

Follow the servicing schedule for your car and use a good garage to carry out your services. If you keep your car well maintained you will burn less fuel and emit less harmful gases. Not having enough air in your tyres can also lead to you to burning more fuel, so check them on a weekly basis. It is also very dangerous to use under-inflated tyres. If you see your fuel suddenly consumption increase, investigate the cause immediately.

A modern car can be driven off as soon as you start it, but if your car is very old you have to let it warm up. Do not use your car for short journeys the engine is more efficient and burns less fuel when it has warmed up completely. Whenever, possible use public transport, cycle or walk instead of using the car. Most built up areas now have car sharing clubs, which work well for regular journeys such as school runs or the journey to work. If you are caught in traffic, even for a minute or two, switch off your engine. Heated seats, massage seats and air-conditioning all increase fuel consumption, so think before using them.

Changing your driving style can also save you a lot of fuel. Reading the road ahead enables you to avoid breaking and re-accelerating unnecessarily. Cruise control is a great tool for helping you to drive steadily and smoothly, but is hard to use in heavy traffic until you get used to it. Start by using cruise control on long journeys.

If your car is a manual, skip gears when you can change from second to fourth, or third to fifth to save on fuel. Use the highest gear you can use without letting the car’s engine over rev. This has the added benefit of reducing clutch wear and tear.

If you need a new part for your car consider buying it part a scrap yard or a breakers yard. Second hand lights, mirrors and seats are usually in good condition, so it is not always necessary to buy those parts brand new.

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