Free Mobile Phones from US Government

A basic model cell phone with limited services will cost minimum 30 dollars every month. New cell phones with increased features and unbelievable advancements flood the market daily. These phones price also increase along with their feature list. A person with low income cant even dream to buy such luxury items. Even if they strive hard to own such stylish phones, they cannot cope up with the mounting monthly bills scaring them every month. But leading a life without a cell phone in todays modern world is very hard.

Cell phones are not used for having fun and communication alone. They can act like real life savers during emergency time. So the US government decided to provide free government phones for people with very low income. These people who cannot afford to buy a cell phone on their own are eligible to get the free government phone with free talk time. These phones can be very useful for these people in numerous ways, especially during emergencies.

Any individual, who is residing in US, has a postal address and receives help under the Federal Assistance programs like food stamps, SSI or any other program is eligible to get free government phones. The person should apply for the phone through the SafeLink Wireless services. They check certain criteria like total monthly income, age, disability status, living conditions and dispatch the phone within a week to the given postal address.

Once the phone is received, it remains with the person for lifetime, even if they discontinue from the Federal Assistance programs and choose to discontinue the SafeLink Wireless services. These phones will have free talk time up to an hour every month. If there are unused minutes, they can be carried over to the next month. The recipient of this phone can talk to anyplace throughout America on the same rate. They cannot use the phone if their free talk time is over. However they can recharge with TracFone cards at their own cost, if they want more talk time.

This program is aimed at providing affordable communication service to poor people. All the free telephones and free minutes are provided by the TracFone service providers. This program was an instant hit from the time it was introduced. But sadly it does not have enough add campaigns and many eligible people are not aware of such a program still.

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