Fossil Arkitekt FS2919

I have this Fossil ARKITEKT FS2919 for over a couple of years and I must admit it is a very rugged watch that can take any wear. I have almost thrashed this watch against hard stones twice and it came out without a scratch. The glass is totally scratch resistant so as the bracelet.

It’s an elegant watch for casual wear. It really dresses up any outfit, even sweats and tennis shoes. The face is a tad on the bigger side and also a tad heavier. This is a solid watch folks, and you’re not likely to forget it on your wrist. The link sizes are a bit in-between. Each link is pretty big, so you don’t get much fine tweaking for your fitting preference. There are no numbers on this watch. The dial has a fading light effect which matches the black bezel very well. The tiny diamond set in the dial at 12 o clock position is elegant. The band is futuristic and James Bond kind off. It does have a glow in the dark just enough to see what time it is if you concentrate. This is a nice feature. The bullets on the wrist-band look cool. They give the watch a flair, something more eye-catching than all the other boring watches out there. Trust me, this watch will get you lot of attention!

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