FaceBook Bans Users

According to FaceBook’s TOS and Privacy Policy, users must be above 13 years of age to have a FaceBook account. But not regarding that lot of users below 13 years allegedly join the social networks by providing false age information. An Australian safety agency recently asked FaceBook how it addresses the fast growing problem of under age users joining FaceBook. FaceBook responded by revealing a startling statistic that shows the number of under age users who are being expelled out Facebook everyday.

Facebook is removing more than 20,000 people everyday who provide false information. “There are people who lie. There are people who are under 13 using Facebook,” reported a senior person from FaceBook. But this 20,000 is nowhere compared to the number of underage users from US accessing Facebook each month which is a startling 3.6 million according to according to the New York Times. The source for this data ComScore repors that all these users have Facebook accounts. Experts are afraid that unsupervised contact with the massive social network community may expose the younger generation to online predators, bullying and simply “not so good” content. The Facebook’s security group has no foolproof check to restrict who list false ages or visit the open to public pages on the site. FaceBook’s policy is to remove these users as soon as they are identified.

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