Facebook and Privacy

The recent improvements in facebook or fb mean users are sharing more and more information even without them knowing it. Writer Avi Charkham wrote about some of these tricks at TechCrunch, and these tricks are so subtle that they won’t catch any attention. You can head over here to have a look at them.

In the previous design iteration of facebook, it presented a clear idea about the basic information ywe are about to share with the applications we are adding. However, the new design hides this. People who pay careful attention will notice a small question mark symbol which when hovered upon will let you know that the application is about to access your name, image of your profile pic, your friends network and everything else that you have said as public on facebook. Isn’t that a lot of information behind that small question mark graphic?

FB (Facebook) is a free service in which users are everything, so this should not come as a big surprise to you. However it is disgusting to note that the design elements trick us into sharing our information unknowingly!

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