Epson L210 All in One Review

I purchased the Epson L210 after my previous Epson TX550W All-in-One died one fine day. The Magenta nozzle got clogged on my previous Epson and I tried all methods suggested on the internet and could not get it to print magenta properly again.

When I was on the lookout for a new printer, the initial cost was not my consideration. I had L210 and L350 in mind but since page speed aka ppm was not a priority for me, I settled with the L210. I am sure L350 has a better build quality. But my prime consideration was the printing cost and photo print quality. The photo print quality is on par with good photo printers and the resolution is same. But I was worried about the construction quality / build. I intended to use it as carefully as possible (use only Original inks, use only paper gsm weight that the printer could do). I print photos a lot (family photos, greeting cards on art paper, wall hangings, pentatypchs, etc). I wanted a printer in which I intended to always use only original Epson inks. I have a long history of trying third party inks / CISS kits with my previous Epson and Canon printers. Honestly, they could not match Epson Original Inks in longevity and print vibrancy offered by the original inks. Not to mention abut the nozzle clogging problems they might cause you if you happen to not use the printer for a couple of months or so.

I was impressed by the Epson L series CISS printers as this is what I always wanted – to use original inks and a CISS engineered by the printer manufacturer itself. When I looked at the CISS inside the printer and compared it with the third party CISS kits I known earlier, the Epson CISS is well engineered, compact and rugged. It has thick plastic linings throughout the printing area where the hoses travel and uses premium quality ink hoses. And when you open up the printer, you cant even see where the ink cartridge is (a term you might not use again if you have a L series printer) .

Though I miss the wireless networking feature I had on my earlier printer, connecting a wire is not hard either. It also misses a multiple copy feature. It can either copy one by one or can copy in batches of 20. Requires long pressing the copy button. I bought this for INR 9600 at an Epson dealer.

I followed the quick start guide and was able to fill the inks, prime the lines and ready for printing in 45 minutes. The first print is on a premium glossy photo paper and it really amazed me. The print was vibrant, detailed. i tried doing a couple of black and white prints on matte paper and it too was great! The printer specification said it could accept upto 265 gsm papers. I tried loading a 240 gsm matte art paper and the printer’s feed roller could not pull this paper in. So those of you planning to buy this, stick to maximum 220 gsm and the printer behaves fine. I printed and printed and printed and finished a 50 pack of A4 matte sheets but bingo – only 10 percent drop in the ink levels. I print from a mac and I use “Quality” setting under the printer driver. I could print at least 200 more A4 matte sheets before the printer hits low ink levels and the complete ink set (Epson original 4 color set 70 ml each) costs only less that INR 2000. That’s the icing on the cake. A handy choke valve on the ink tank allows locking the ink system during transport to minimize leaks which is a nifty well thought out feature, but be sure to open it up before you start printing.

Epson L210 Choke Valve Position

One more thing to note is that the Epson L210 or any L series Epson printer except the L800 cannot do borderless printing which is a feature I sorely miss.

I am not worried about the ink pad’s life as I am sure the ink pads could take at least some more cycles before replacement than the usual cycles the manufacturer tells you. I simply do a reset ink pad 2-3 times before I throw the printer away. I highly recommend this Epson L210 printer and Epson L350 printer to anyone who wants to print to their heart’s desire of course using original Epson inks and avoiding a headache.

If you want to buy Epson L220 (I recommend this. It is a latest and slightly improved model over L210), request you to do so using my affiliate link in Flipkart for cheap price, fast delivery Buy Epson L220 Multifunction ink tank printer here

Due to questions from many readers, I have summarized the differences between Epson L210 and L220: (a) Epson L220 is slightly faster (7 vs 6 images per minute in ISO 24734, A4 test). This means slightly faster prints in Normal mode (remember not the fast draft mode in which both have same speed) (b) They fixed another thing: In L210, you can either make copies one by one or in batches of 20 where as in L220, you can make copies based on the button pressing frequency (c) L220 has slightly lesser power consumption during printing (12W vs 13W) (d) On dimensions L220 is slightly longer (220 mm vs 210 mm). Breadth ad width are same. Other than this they are same. Epson L220 can be considered a minor revision over L210.

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