Steps to switch web hosting

After much user reviews and discussion with fellow bloggers, I have decided that the time to switch my website hosting. My previous host 3ix let me down many times a day, facing severe downtime in past few weeks which made me make the switch. Now my web and email hosting is done at GoDaddy.

So many people stay in a relationship with their web hosting company, even when they are unhappy, because they are not sure of the process, think it is a daunting task and afraid of long periods of down time. The truth is, when you do a hosting switch, there doesn’t need to be any down time of your site at all.

The following is the procedure, I follow whether moving one of my accounts or a client account.

Step1. Back up all of your files from your existing Web hosting server to your hard drive.

Using a FTP program, zip your entire “public_html” or “htdocs” or “www” directory and download it to your hard disk.

Step 2. Create a hosting account at your new hosting service.

Transfer all your web site’s files to the new server. Set up email accounts, specify mailbox sizes at this time, too. Check sending and receiving emails from your new mail accounts.

Step 3. Point your domain to the new name servers.

You may need to go to the service you registered your domain name with at this point and point the name servers to your new service. Your new site should resolve in 15 minutes to 48 hours. By doing things in this order, you will not have any down time. One moment the DNS will be pointing to the old server and the next moment it will point to the new one.

Step 4. Test out your site at its new hosting.

Set up all the extra features and let it run for a few days. Delete your files at the old hosting account and cancel your hosting with them. Be sure to go onto the remote site and delete your files off their server.

Moving your personal or business website or blog is not as daunting as it sounds. Take your time and follow these simple guidelines and you will be feeling at home before you know you have made the switch.

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