Driving Test: What you shouldn’t do

When it comes to trying to pass our driving test, there are a number of things that we can do which could interfere with this. No matter how much effort you have put into preparing for this test, right at the last minute you could still manage to mess things up.

Here are a few ideas for how you should not prepare for your driving test.

Stay up late the night before your test. If you do this you will arrive at the test centre tired and you will be more likely to fail the test. If you want to increase your chances of passing you will want to get a good night sleep before the test.

Hit the pubs and get drunk on the night before your test. As well as the fact that this could mean that you are hung-over when you take your test, you could also be over the legal alcohol limit for driving if you have had quite a bit to drink the night before. Failing your test could be a minor problem if you were to try to drive a car while still under the influence of alcohol. Steer clear of alcohol for at least twenty four hours before taking your test.

Turn up late for your test or turn up about a minute before the time. Not only can this mean that you miss your chance to test, but even if you do make it just in time you won’t be in any mental condition to perform well on the test. Rushing around will make you stressed and more prone to making mistakes during the test. Arrive to the centre early and this way you will have time to relax and get yourself mentally prepared.

Try to cram things in just before your theory test. You are going to get stressed if you try to study up to the last minute. You should know what you need to know the day before the test because anything you read just before the test is unlikely to stick in your mind.

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