Give your mobile phone a new look

Even though there are hundreds of different mobile phones on the market today in countless different guises from clam shells, to PDAs, to full screen LCD faced smartphones, we all want to make them our own by personalizing them in different ways. Customizing your mobile phone can be done in a variety of ways, either internally by modifying the mobile phones software or externally. Below is a list of the most common ways that you can customize and ultimately personalize your mobile phone.

In terms of customizing the internal software of your phone, the simplest and quickest way to achieve this to a small degree is by changing the visual themes used to display menus and information stored in the phone. Changing your mobile phones theme will adjust any number of factors in the software of your phone ranging from the menu background, to navigational menu layouts, key tones and ringtones and possibly screensavers.

Probably the first thing that most people do when they get a new mobile phone is to change the ring tone to something more attuned to their tastes. While it is possible for most of the handsets in the mid to high level price bracket to be connected to a computer and new ring tones to be transferred across, it is also possible to contact a third party company to purchase a new ring tone and have it sent via SMS directly to your phone. Many artists also now optimize some of their music specifically for use as a ring tone.

Another way you can adjust the internal characteristics of your handset is by changing the cursors and icons that are displayed in the phones interface. While with some handsets it is possible to choose from a small number of different icon sets within the software, in order to properly customize these features it may be necessary to acquire new cursor and icon sets using other methods. Some of the larger mobile phone manufacturers provide online shops where you can purchase and download new sets and also it is possible to download from alternative sites that are not supported by the manufacturer.

Lastly you can also customize the exterior of your mobile phone by changing the skin. Some companies even offer to print custom skins for your device to your specifications, even by creating a skin using a personal photo supplied by you like this one.

The skin is the outer shell of the phone and there are so many different skins available on the market today, it is truly up to you as to what you want.

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