Truth about cracking MMC/SD Card Passwords

There are lot of articles on the web telling you how to unlock or crack MMC / SD card passwords. They all sound very simple as most of them are written by people who have not even tried it once. Here, I am going to give you my personal / tested / tried experiences in unlocking both a MMC card and a microSD card used on my mobile phones. There a two cases – one where the password can be recovered and other where it cannot be recovered.

Cases where recovering/cracking/unlocking MMC/SD password is possible.
Most of the articles you would have read about unlocking would have involved a software called FExplorer. I had this FExplorer for long on my Nokia 6600 which is a Symbian Second Edition or simply called a S60v2 phone. In tis phone I have once forgotten the password I set for my 256MB MMC card and using FExplorer, I was able to successfully recover the password. But, THE TRUTH is this is not possible in all phones / all types of MMC/SD cards.

Tools required ti unlock MMC/SD card

This method of using FExplorer to recover a MMC card password will only work only on Nokia S60 1st and 2nd edition phones. If you are confused what phones are covered under this category, refer below figure.

Nokia First Edition Second Edition Phones List

If you luckily have any one of these phones and have your memory card locked, I tell you the six step process to follow. Chances of you recovering the password is high.

STEP 1. Insert the MMC card whose password you want to recover in the phone and switch on the phone. I used a Nokia 6600 to recover password of a 256MB MMC card and got success. So, if you want to unlock a microSD card, I advise you to buy a MicroSD to MMC adapter which is less than 1 USD and use the same on a S60 1st or 2nd Edition phone that supports MMC cards. I assume chances of recovery are high of you follow this as it worked for me.

STEP 2. Download and Install FExplorer from the official site GoSymbian and make sure you install it in your phone memory and not on the memory card.

STEP 3. Open FExplorer, turn on hidden files visibility, and navigate to drive C, which is the phone memory. At the root of the C Drive, check for a file named mmcstore.

FExplorer MMC/SD Card Unlocking

STEP 4. Copy the file to your computer (Windows PC or Mac) thoruhg bluetooth or data cable.

STEP 5. Now on your computer, right click the file that you copied and Open with notepad or any other plain text editor.

STEP 6. You will see few junk ASCIi characters inside the file. At the last line of the file you will find the password you need to unlock your MMC / SD card.

Cases where recovering/cracking/unlocking MMC/SD password is NOT possible.

While the above method works for MMC/SD cards locked using Nokia S60 1st and 2nd edition phones, Nokia beefed up the security starting from its third edition phones, and it is almost impossible to crack / unlock  MMC/SD card encrypted on a third edition phone or later.

It is because starting from third edition Nokia and even other phone manufacturers, the SD card  passwords enforced a complex electronic level encryption which is impossible to crack using available software / hardware tools. YOu can read more about it here.

I tried the same method described above to unlock a SD card locked using my Nokia 5800 which is a fifth edition Nokia and as expected, I was not able to recover. I tried recovering MMC/SD cards locked on Nokia E-series phones which are third edition Nokia but cannot recover. So, it is sure that the above FExplorer method works ONLY ONLY on Nokia First and Second edition phones.  I advise you not to waste time trying to recover MMC/SD password of a Nokia 3rd edition or later phones, as there is no way  to hack the memory card password in third edition or later phones. So, if your MMC/SD card was not locked in a first edition or second edition Nokia, forget unlocking it and go buy a new card and next time make sure you set a password that you don’t forget.

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