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Deepak Julien

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I love to make technology work for people by understanding and acting on people’s needs. Use the form on the left to email me regarding your queries on any of the blog posts.

Deepak Julien

  1. Vinoth 2.1.17 / 4pm

    Hello Deepak,
    Can you suggest me one 2.1 speaker for my 43 inch TV , i’m a bass lover and like to hear quality sound.
    I looked for Sony D9 but model stopped(Still searching if i can get). If not what is my other option?
    Im confused to choose 🙁

  2. DeepakJulien 2.5.17 / 10am

    I would suggest you to go for SONY SRS D9 if your budget is flexible or if you are on a tight budget consider F&D A 520. Both are available in Amazon.

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