How to watch HDR content on non HDR (SDR) monitors

I don’t have an HDR monitor yet, but I have already downloaded a collection of 10Bit HDR movies. Whenever I try to watch them on my monitor using VLC / MPC, though they would play them, the colors looked washed out. To get MPC-HC to handle the HDR metadata correctly, I had to install MAD VR. Extract the madVR files …

Deco M5 Wifi Mesh Review

My experience in installing TPLink Deco M5 Mesh network system for home network to extend wifi range and coverage. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve their WiFi coverage for a large house at every corner.

How to Watch HDR on non HDR TV or Monitor

Do not worry if you have downloaded 4K HDR content but you have a non HDR TV or monitor and the colors looked pale or washed away when you play the HDR content on your non HDR monitor. Using these tweaks, you can play the HDR content on a non HDR 4K TV or Monitor. Install MadVR latest version Install …

Sony SA D10 is clean and tight

Recently got hold of a Sony SA-D10 multimedia speaker system for my laptop. All I wanted was a 2.1 channel system with decent power output and tighter bass. I researched on Edifier C3 and Sony SA-D9 / Sony SA-D10 in mind. I circled on these few choices before going to shop mainly because of the 2.1 system with decent RMS …

ACER EB321HQU Best Budget 2K IPS Monitor

The hunt for a monitor that would meet my above requirements quickly zeroed in on an Acer EB321HQU. With me even viewing this monitor in person and just by looking at the specs of this monitor, I am convinced that a 2K resolution at 2560x1440p is decent enough for a monitor at 32 inches, that too for this price.