The Breakthrough In Car Industry

The evolution of car industry has been a significant one, if we come to think of the first invented car. Despite the elegance and comfort, which were keywords for the vehicles in the last century, one cannot deny the merits of the last fifty years, when technology has began to combine itself successfully with the rest of the attributes and thus become itself a keyword. If some time ago cars were beautiful, comfortable, they later on took a step forward and added an important feature: speed.

An important step forward has been the concept of speed. Cars were no longer vehicles with which one could admire the country side or beautiful landscapes, but have turned into “race” cars, step by step. At this stage, comfort and elegance were no longer the only attributes, but came along together with a new need on the market: speed.

However, as time passed by and as cars were no longer such a rarity, but a necessity almost everybody could afford, the Ozone layer was affected more and more, not to mention people’s budgets. As ecologist foundations were created and as more and more people started to promote walking or riding the bike, the car industry lost ground. This is how the car manufacturers had to adapt to the new needs on the market and offer cars with low CO2 emissions, and low consumption.

Therefore, a new concept came on the market, as a breakthrough: the hybrid car. The hybrid is a perfect combination of energy saving, thus money saving and low CO2 emissions. It gives people the alternative of an electrical energy source to the traditional fuel one, thus saving money and saving the environment. Moreover, another innovative product in this field is the electrical car, which has taken the car industry a step forward, offering the consumer total independence from the fuel pump, not to mention the almost nonexistent CO2 emissions.

Although the more ecological a car is, the more expensive it is, solutions like the leasing have been created on the market. However, no matter how one chooses to buy his or her car, no matter what type of car one chooses to buy, one should always bear in mind that the car industry is a very dynamic field, which will come up with new inventions on and on.

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