Zaggmate iPad Case Review

You would have seen lot of ads on the web for a new accessory for the iPad called the ZAGGmate iPad Case at retail for $99. It touts itself as a “the perfect companion for your new iPad”. So I bought one to accompany my old rather iPad 1. I have to agree it is having cool and sleek design and above all gives iPad very good durable protection. Previously I had the Apple iPad original case and this one is much more secure then that. It’s functional with style.

Review of the Zaggmate for iPad

The ZAGGmate iPad case is made of aluminum which makes the airplanes and it has undergone something called beadblasting and anodizing to get the final finish it has matching the look and feel of iPad itself. Its patent pending design on the hinge gives hassle free viewing angle. Typing is great in both portrait and landscape mode. That keyboard works in bluetooth and allows fast typing on your iPad. Actually it is very similar to the netbook keyboard design. The keys are not as spacy as Apple’s keyboard. I mean if you can comfortably type on a netbook you wont find any problems. The key response is jiffy with no lag at all. It has iPad specific shortcuts to go to Home, Spotlight, Photo frame, Digital keyboard, and a dedicated button to quickly turn off display. Simply a good product from Zagmate worth the money I spent on it.

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