Bosch Skil Car Washer Review

Skil Power Tools is a subsidiary of the Bosch Tool Corporation and is a leader in portable electric power tools and accessories serving the DIY consumer and professional construction markets. This pressure washer AQT 35-12 is an excellent small portable washer that can be used for car cleaning and home cleaning. Using a high pressure washer is a quick yet highly effective method of getting rid of the dirt / grime in otherwise inaccessible crooks / corners.

The washer weighs 4.5 kg and comes with a hose connected to the spray gun and a filter for the inlet side. But, it does not come with an inlet hose. An attachment is provided for soap spraying and another attachment to attach the inlet hose to the tap (but the inlet hose between this tap attachment and the washer inlet has to be bought separately. An ordinary garden hose gets the job done.) It also comes with “Easy Storage” tie-wraps which helps mount the unit and hoses on the wall after use. The washer has a power requirement of 1400 W. It uses water efficiently and the water flow rate is 300 litre per hour. The power cable is 5 meter in length and the hose attached to the gun is 5 meter in length. The washer costs INR 4600 on Flipkart and about INR 5000 elsewhere.

Bosch Skil Washer AQT 35-12 Review

The noise level of the machine is a little higher than a mixer. But the motor runs only when necessary as it automatically cuts off when the spray gun is not pressed. The pressure is more than enough for cleaning dirt on floors, cars, bikes and window crevices. Water flow should be adequate for the machine to build up rated pressure. So an uninterrupted flow of water is a must. I have also heard people using it with a bucket of water but I personally have not tried it and cannot comment on it.

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