Borner V5 Slicer Review

After reading a lot of user opinions and watching videos where the people crave about German over-engineering, i decided to plunge in and buy the Borner V5 slicer for myself. The first hurdle I faced was finding out the original ones from the fake ones. When you do a search for borner slicer in Google, you come across a lot of online sites selling them claiming to be Borner authorized. These sites range from fake ebay sellers and many kitchen / home appliance sellers. So, I decided to get one for me from Borner itself when I was planning to visit Germany to avoid fakes.

Alas, Oh boy! I am fooled. The firs thing I did when i reached Germany was to check the stores in and around Cologne to see if I get the Borner off the shelf from any of the stores (Butlers and many malls). But to my surprise, none of them are selling Borner products. I managed to find the Borner factory but it was a nice 100 miles from where I stayed in Germany. I returned back to UK after my German visit. Then, i bit the bullet and decided to order online from Borner official website. Which one is the official site? OR OR OR

After wading through German language only interface and using Google translate extensively, I was convinced that should be the original one. I picked up the V5Power, chose my favorite color and I was happy to enter my address and was dismayed to know that they will not ship anywhere outside Germany. I wrote to the contact email on their webpage ( asking if they would ship it to me in UK and they sent me a quote for shipping to UK. If they could do it over an email, why was it not incorporated on their site on first place? And to add to my suspicion, the email I sent to was a domain and I got the reply from a domain ID asking me to prepay for the item before delivery. Thinking of it as a bait, I ignored the offer.

And I found borner-gmbh selling it on So, I bit the bullet, sacrificed my favorite color choice and ordered one. It arrived 3 days later. With much excitement, I opened the package, it was a red one with a bold Borner inscription. Also, ebay did not gave me the same deal I was looking on the website which included peeler, vegetable box and grater. Immediately, and found a nice big round potato to chop off instantly. Put the potato on the fruit holder, fitted the blade and started slicing. After slicing 80 percent of the potato, I was simply gliding the fruit holder over the blades. The fruit holder even when I forced it to the max position, cannot get the fruit sliced fully. Simply, it was an design problem. Though the blades were extremely sharp, whats the use if you waste 20 percent of the fruit every time, or risk slicing it through using your fingers. I resorted to cut the remaining fruit using the old cutter board / knife combo. Then comes the rubber legs. It has humongous legs, that serve the purpose but still it would be better if you get hold of the cutting tray. Another problem with the slicer is that the fruit holder does not travel on tracks. Running is straight is upto the user. It should have been much safer, if the holder is running on tracks to avoid lateral movement when slicing.

Apart from the above gripes I have mentioned, I am expecting to get a good life from the super sharp blades. So, go fry your onion rings!

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