BMW X1 xDrive28i Fun Drive

BMW decided to make a major change in its range and phased out the engines sucked on gasoline. Slowly but surely, the famous six-cylinder engines each receive either a turbine or a replacement turbo four-cylinder.

BMW Xdrive28i

If 2996 cc aspirated engine that bore the name proudly 2.8i, the replacement unit is a 1997 cc turbo edge. Germans at BMW were able to show that downsizing can have your fun and managed to do so in its characteristic style. There are real chances to find its place under the hood of other BMW models, and this can not be predicted but only with joy from the Bavarian brand.

While the 2.9 liter unit which it replaces was not the most powerful engine in its class, the new 2.0-liter turbo engine TwinPower is really surprising. Given power level is 245 hp and maximum power is reached at 5,000 rpm. The really surprising part is coming with the torque of 350 Nm, which is offered up to 1,250 rpm in the upper rev range. This means that the engine offers maximum torque at 350 rpm in excess of idle speed to near maximum power.

This feature gives a great flexibility, enhanced by the six-speed manual transmission that was tested. Optionally, customers can opt for an eight-speed Steptronic transmission, which we have not had a chance to try, but we can recommend it with confidence, given it’s “pedigree”.

The wheelhouse from manual transmission is very precise and the computer benefits of a great system that shows you when is the right step and recommends you the optimal time to couple for facilitating the fuel economy.

As enthusiasts have already noticed, the new engine is more powerful than the unit it replaces, and it represents an evolution regarding the record of torque, fuel consumption and the range of speeds that you can enjoy with these features.

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