Best In-ear Budget Headphones in India

Costing just over 1500 Indian rupees, Soundmagic E10C is a great pair of headphones for the price. Although when it comes to sound quality, E10C would knock it out of even some of the headphones thrice its price. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got an iPhone or an Android, E10C wins hands down as the best budget headphones you can get. You can expect solid bold bass that’s not booming or overpowering and full bodied sound that packs plenty of clarity. Once you hear this, I am sure that you will make SoundMagic as your top choice for getting awesome sound when you’re on a budget. It sports a three-button inline remote control with integrated microphone to handle your calls. It’s fashionable too coming in bright red and gold colors with a tangle free cable!

SoundMagic E10C

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