Best 3G Data Plan in India

In this article, I plan to compare the 3G Data Plans of some popular Telecom Companies in India with reference to the data bundled, validity period and cost of the pack. BSNL has uniform Data Packs for its 3G and 2G subscribers with default 3G speed, priced at Rs.17, Rs.39, Rs.78, Rs.98, Rs.139, Rs.251, Rs.561, Rs.1011 offering free data usage up to 100MB, 240MB, 500MB, 700MB, 1GB, 2GB, 5GB and 10GB respectively. BSNL also has launched a 7 GB data pack with 60 days validity for Rs.821.

Airtel provides 150 MB for Rs.45, 300 MB for Rs.302, 1 GB for Rs. 249, 2.5 GB for Rs.449, 4 GB for Rs.749 and 10 GB for Rs.1499. However, I have an issue with airtel 3G. Lets say, I am currently active in a 2G data plan and I have X MB of data left under 2G. Now, when I activate a 3G plan for 7 days and come back exhausting the 3G data, the X MB of 2G data I already had remaining on my 2G plan also gets exhausted. This is not reasonable.

Vodafone provides 300 MB for 28 Days at Rs. 102, 1 GB for28 Days at Rs.124, 1 GB + 1 GB for 28 days at Rs. 249, 1.5 GB + 1.5 GB for 28 Days at Rs.376, 2 GB + 2 GB for 28 Days at Rs.449. Also it has unlimited plans which really has a cap but further usage is restricted to lower speeds. Under unlimited plans, it gives 3 GB(FU) for 28 Days at Rs.651, 5 GB(FU) for 28 Days at Rs.851, 8 GB(FU) for 28 Days at Rs.1251, 10 GB(FU) for 28 Days at Rs.1501.

For Airtel vs BSNL 3G coverage map in India, please refer this post.

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