Fixing Battery Drain in iOS 4.3

I recently upgraded my iPad to iOS 4.3 and starting from that my battery life has declined dramatically. For the first time ever, my iPad actually ran completely out of power a couple of days ago even though I had only used it for about 2 hours max. After searching the web for a solution, I was happy I am not alone.

I wonder whether this is a bug in the operating system like the one they had when iOS 4 was released last year, where all iPhone 3G users who upgraded found themselves with devices so slow they were barely usable. It wasn’t until quite some time later that Apple released a 4.1 update to rectify the issue. But, I feel this is not a bug, but it has more to do with additional new features of the iOS 4.3 that is killing battery juice quicker than expected. It is also possible that the faster rendering in iOS Safari uses more processing power, furthermore battery life. Another possibility could be the new Ping push notification feature, which runs in the background.

Fixing Battery Drain in iOS 4.3

Here is the solution that worked for me. Along with the normal Battery Saving settings, which I read from other forums like turning off location services and notification services, I also did a few other things. I activated the restrictions for Ping by Settings – General – Restrictions – Ping and turn it off. In, “Mail, Contacts and Calendar”, despite the obtain data for mail is OFF, meaning I had push notifications turned off and manual for data, there is another option inside this, called “Advanced” that is new to iOS 4.3. Inside this advanced setting, I realized that despite everything was off for mail it was still showing ON and continually sending / receiving data eating up battery and data. I turned it to manual too and made a reset for the network settings. Switched off and switched ON again. Now it looks like I have got my battery life back to normal.

I believe the new Ping feature is the biggest culprit of all, by disabling it, you are likely to increase your battery life. Ping is a service where it ‘pings’ a server via wifi or 3G every few minutes for new emails and etc. It drains battery and data, so better disable it!

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