Bankers Life and Casualty Company Review

The company does business in all of the states and the District of Columbia with the sole exception of New York. The company is domiciled in New york. Through the understanding of the financial needs of seniors, Bankers maintains its focus and dedication to that sector of society. Bankers Life has offices in cities and towns throughout the country so their agents are available to personally address the distinctive needs and objectives of any potential insured.

Bankers Life also now offers Bankers Health Advantage Program. This program is one where you can save up to 20% on all brand name and generic prescription drugs and even up to 50% on dental and vision care services as well as much, much more. It’s important to note that this program is a health care discount and informational program and is not an insurance or prepaid services plan.

Bankers Life has a broad portfolio of extreme quality and competitive insurance products which include Long term care, Life Annuities, Medicare supplement, Medicare part d prescription drug and Medicare advantage. Bankers Life and Casualty Company was started all the way back in 1879 and has grown in to a major and esteemed insurance company, one of the most respected in the United States. The company focuses wholly on the requirements of American seniors.

In the 1960, Bankers turned its attention more towards the American senior population. This was after the Medicare bill was signed in to law back on July 30th, 1965. The bill provided medical insurance for the elderly population under social security. soon after Bankers became one of the first companies in the country to offer Medicare supplement insurance.

Working at Bankers Life is a great career for the right person with the right drive and attitude. In case you are prepared to dive in and work hard you will be greatly rewarded with a high paying career and your own business that you control. In case you require a regular schedule job and steady mediocre pay than do not join us. This insurance sales job is great for individuals who are self motivated and who like to build relationships and help clients. The pay can be high in case you are willing to do the work. The first 3-5 months are challenging and your pay reflects your inexperience. You require to have 6 months of financial support in order to start in this business securely. In case you require to get paid in a week do not start this position. You require some cushion room to start and learn the product line. It is a great job for those of us who can devote ourselves to it. You can plan your own schedule, take time off every time you require to, your pay is a reflections of how hard you work nothing less. You select your goals and future. There’s tons of advancement opportunities with Bankers. The training is ongoing and excellent. The management is superior and the sales training is fantastic. It is a great career for somebody with the right attitude and work ethic.

To find out about working in Bankers or any service that Bankers has to offer inquire with a sales agent today.

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