Six Must have Auto Accessories

Purchasing a new car is a thrill: the feel, the new car smell, the pristine ride, the lack of floor mats… Yes, strange as it appears, your new car probably left the showroom without a number of key accessories. Don’t allow the dealer add them in after the fact, otherwise you will pay a mint for the favor.

Buying a new car is an experience that few will ever forget: the smell, the pristine interior, and the flawless ride are a few of the things enjoyed by new car owners. But, despite how well equipped even the most expensive vehicles can be, oftentimes they leave the showroom with several accessories missing. No, they were not stolen; instead, for certain queer reason, these “must have” accessories were not incorporated with the sale. Why don’t we take a look at 6 accessories each and every vehicle should have.

1. Good Quality Floor mats

High Quality Car Mats

You’ve got to be kidding… no floor mats?! Oddly, floor mats are the chief accessory typically not provided with any sale. Rather, you get a throwaway paper sheet for the driver. Without floor mats in place, you can bet that the interior will be soiled in short order. Worse, if you wait very long, your carpeting may be damaged which is especially bad news for you if you lease your vehicle. Just wait ’til you see the price of replacing damaged automotive carpeting!

2. Cargo liners

High Quality Car Cargo Liners

Just like the interior, the car’s trunk area is susceptible to dirt, debris, mud, the elements, and much more. Some automakers have wised up over the years and provided cargo liners as standard equipment whilst others make a cargo liner an expensive add-on, after-the-sale accessory for buyers. Buy a Quality brand like Digital Fit weathertech floor liner.

3. Bug shields

High Quality Bug Shields

If you live in a humid climate, a bug shield is a necessity. No automaker offers one as standard equipment; if you would like to protect your hood and windshield, a bug shield is very important. Also marketed as bug deflectors. Molded to fit your specific vehicle, they fit as much of the front end as you want, whether just the width of the hood, or a “wrap-around” covering the entire front. Made from quality, long-lasting materials like ABS and Acrylic, you can get them in a smoke color finish, or better yet, you can get them chromed!

4. Car bra

High Quality Car Bra

Certainly, they are stylish, but a car bra is a lot more than that. Offering protection to your grille and to the front part of your hood, a car bra can help deflect debris kicked up from the road.

Avoid going for a low quality car bra that offers very little or Zero protection. Who has not run into that type of problem whilst traversing our interstates? A good quality brand is LeBra Covers – The Ultimate In Style And Vehicle Protection.

5. Brake dust shields

High Quality Brake Dust Shields

No, there is not a safety aspect with a dust shield, but there certainly are aesthetic reasons why they make sense. You spent a lot for your wheels and tires, so why go through the trouble of a weekly cleaning just to keep your car looking great? Dust shields reduce the dust in order that you can do what you actually wish to do: drive.

6. Car cover

Whether you keep your car garaged or whether you leave it outside, a car cover is essential toward protecting your vehicle’s finish. Indoor air pollution and dust can damage a garaged vehicle; solar rays, moisture, bird poop, wind, and small impacts can damage exposed vehicles. For less than $200 you are able to purchase a four layer, breathable car cover which will offer the protection your car so desperately needs.

So, there you have it. Six essential auto accessories for every vehicle. You’ll pay a mint for each accessory if you allow your dealer add them in after the sale, so why not shop on-line to get everything you need for your car and for less?

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