Western Digital “WD Hardware Error USB Device” Fix

My 3 year old Western Digital 3 TB HDD suddenly started acting up one day and when I plug in my WD External HDD, it gets mounted as a CD Drive and nothing else shows up. Under the device manager in Windows, it shows up as a "WD HARDWARE ERROR USB Device". The lights on the drive glow up but I cant see my files on the hard drive. This happened all of a sudden one fine day. I tried searching all solutions available on the internet and I found many issues with the WD SES Device but that's not my issue. (more…)

By deepakjulien, ago
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Bosch AQT 35-12 Pressure Washer

AQT 35-12 Plus is a high pressure washer from Bosch. The compact AQT 35-12 plus high pressure washer enables faster and more flexible cleaning with a water flow rate of 350 litres per hour at a maximum pressure of 120 bar and comes complete with additional accessories. Bosch high pressure washers are supplied fully assembled, so they are ready to use straight out of the box. (more…)

By deepakjulien, ago