Sennheiser HD598 CS Experience

I was on a lookout for a pair of headphones and saw this on sale on prime day in Amazon for 5000 INR. This is a real deal compared to the asking price of USD 125 to 150 in US Amazon. I jumped on this deal without second thoughts. After receiving them and wearing them, I can say within the first few hours of usage that these are the most comfortable headphones that I’ve owned till date. I’ve continuously worn them for more than 4-5 hours when listening to music. The dialogues are very clear in movies. Additionally, they have a great passive noise isolation. I’ve read a lot of reviews that these do not have adequate bass. I might disagree with them. It has a very decent bass and it sounds natural. Comes with 2 cables – One to be used on the go which is a 1.2m cable with 3.5mm jack, microphone and in-line single-button remote & another for home entertainment: and 3m cable with 6.3mm jack meant for home listening. My mobile phones and laptops had no problem driving these headphones.

Coming to the negatives, these don’t come with a pouch or a hard case, nor do they fold. Though the isolation works pretty well, there is some sound leak at higher volumes. Overall, considering the price for which I bought them they are a hell of a deal.

Upgrading from Samsung S7 Edge to S8 Plus

My experience in upgrading from S7 Edge to S8 Plus is that it is a positive experience. S8 Plus definitely has better battery life than what my S7Edge had though both of them have approximately same battery size. The screen is much larger though the phone is a bit heavier and taller. Would love an S9 Plus but I purchase phones outright instead of through a carrier and the projected pricing I’ve read recently for the 9 series makes it a no go for me. I really like my S8 Plus. Aside from size and strength, the Galaxy S8 Plus has gained Mobile HDR Premium certification which means increased brightness and contrast levels that make it ideal for mobile HDR content coming to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Should you really upgrade from an S7E to S8Plus. It depends. Do you want the Infinity Display which will make your S7 Edge look outdated? Is a rear-mounted finger-scanner workable for you? Can you handle the extra height? It’s definitely a better phone than the S7e for sure, but the question is whether it works for you!

Spigen ThinFit Case for S8 Plus

I always like minimal cases for my phones so that they don’t interfere with the looks of the phone. The glass back on the S8 Plus is slippery and I already dropped it once even before the case has arrived from Amazon. It was a pretty simple choice with which Spigen case to get as this is the thinnest one I can find for my phone from Spigen. I also like to put my phone face down and I wanted the case to allow me to do so without the screen touching the surface when face down. I’ve had this case on my phone for few days now and it has its pros and cons. I ordered a maple gold color for my black phone as I loved the contrast color theme. S8 Plus and S8 are both fingerprint magnets and the glass back tend to show smudges if your hands are oily. Not an issue though with this case as it has a matte coating. Also, the Spigen Thinfit is easy to take off and put back on as it has small cutouts on the corners that allow the case to flex foe easy removal and insertion. Another key reason to consider this case is because it is QNMP (Abbreviation for Quantum Neodymium Magnetic Plate) compatible and would work with any magnetic car mount. It has a raised bezel around the camera on the back which is not so obvious until you lay it flat on a table. 

Spigen S8P ThinFit Case

I don’t expect this case to protect my phone from a long fall or even one where it might fall when getting out of the car or taking it out of the pocket. On a hard drop, I don’t think it would do anything to prevent the screen from shattering, but it should keep the phone safe from day to day scratches and make it comfortable to hold. Overall a decent case, but the protection levels may not be adequate when compared to some full bumper cases.