Apple refuses Google Voice in AppStore

Apple rejected Google Voice from the Apple’s App Store. In its communication with FCC, Apple responded by stating that the Google Voice application changes the user experience of iPhone by replacing the core mobile telephone functionality.

Google Voice is a  service allowing using a single number ffor orwarding all the user’s   SMS and international and long-distant calls with cheap rates. VoIP allows Google Voice’s users to pay according to lower-priced data exchange rates.

At the end of July 2009, all the Google Voice’s references were from the Apple Store and the internet catalogue of iPhone apps.

As Gawker says, journalists and the FCC representatives got suspicious immediately that this decision might have been forced by AT&T. Having signed a two-year contract with AT&T, iPhone users get the cost of an iPhone back. Reduction in users’ spending might reduce the income of the company.

AT&T rejects its involvement in the choice of applications for the Apple Store and with Google Voice’s disappearance as well. While at the same time the company confessed that it had had discussions with Apple concerning some application’s influence on the communications capacity of AT&T’s net services.

A special agreement between Apple and AT&T prohibits Apple to produce VoIP-based programs for 2G and 3G nets provided by AT&T without special permission of the latter. Earlier AT&T and Apple succeeded in reducing Skype’s options in iPhones. So, at the moment Skype is accessible over Wi-Fi exclusively. The same thing was required from companies providing mobile television services. Skype’s options over VoIP in Google Android applications were similarly restricted by Google.

Apple confessed that it was its own decision to take away Google Voice from Apple Store and stated that this software would not be missing forever.

The corporation claims that it will keep investigating this application that substitutes some main characteristics of the iPhone including calls, SMS and voice mail services. Also, Apple is worried about the fact that Google will store users’ personal data on its servers. The company wants to be sure that this information will be stored in safety.

AT&T and Apple inform that iPhone users can access Google Voice via Safari web browser without installing the application.

Google has sent two letters to the FCC , one of which was confidential, while another one was public. The company preferred to hide the details of its talks with Apple and AT&T on Google Voice’s usage in iPhones.

Google’s chief executive, Eric Schmidt has recently been forced to leave Apple’s Board of Directors because of the misunderstandings. Both companies have already started to compete in the sphere of web browsers, while smartphones working on Google Android might become iPhone’s competitors.

Besides, Google is working on the design of Chrome operational system which can successfully compete with Mac OS X and take some of its users.

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