Apple iOS5 Takes From Android

Yesterday, Steve Jobs’ company unveiled a host of changes that will arrive by its new iOS mobile operating system, which will be available later in the year for Apple iPads, newer iPhones, & iPods. Lots of of the features are adaptations of other mobile oaperating systems, notably Android.

The new Notification Middle lets you preview new e-mails, calendar appointments, & text messages, even when the phone screen is locked, to save you the trouble of unlocking the phone for every alert. Another neat feature, borrowed from Android, is that alerts show up unobtrusively in a bar at the top of the screen while you are engaged with another application. You can pull that bar down in window-shade fashion (again, very much like on Android rings) to get the details.

Apple iOS5 Takes From Android

New Features on the Apple iOS 5

Twitter: Twitter is now built in to the iPhone, for apps such as Camera & Photographs. Tapping on Tweet produces the “Tweet Sheet,” which lets you share content from directly from Safari, YouTube, & Maps.

Reminders: You can generate lists of things & assign reminders for them according to dates & to your GPS location: For example, you can set up your gizmo to warn you to buy toothpaste & shampoo when you pass a specific drugstore.

Messaging: iPhone messaging will now be extended to all iOS devices & offers several enhancements, such as being able to send a photograph or video by tapping the camera icon & picking the content you require to message. You can also send group messages & get delivery receipts, read receipts, & real-time typing notification, as on Facebook.

E-mail: Rich-text formatting (bold, italics, & underline) & indentation control will be available in e-mail. You’ll be able to drag addresses from field to another, flag read messages as unread, & search the whole contents of messages. A brand spanking new Define feature looks up the meaning of unknown words when you tap on them. On an iPad’s larger screen, you will even be able to grab the virtual keyboard along with your fingers & split it so you can view the content behind it.

Contacts: Contacts will now integrate information from a variety of sources, as has been the case on Android, webOS, & Windows Phone devices.

Safari: The new Safari Reading List app for iOS two, very much like the Read It Later app available on most smart-phone platforms, lets you save articles & “keeps your place” across multiple devices just like what Whispersync does on the Amazon Kindle e-book reader. In addition, Safari now has tabbed browsing to facilitate faster, simpler jumps from page to another.

Camera.: In case you have a pass-code set, you can snap a picture without entering it, as you can on Windows Phone 7 devices. Other conveniences include being able to make use of the physical volume button to snap pics, as an alternative to using the virtual on-screen shutter button. Best of all, you can now crop, rotate, fix red-eye, & perform other edits directly on the gizmo without having to download an additional app.

Verdict: By borrowing a quantity of the best from competitors, Apple’s iOS two emphasizes the company’s require to play catch-up with other operating systems, Android. It also underlines that no company or approach can dominate innovation in the interface & other aspects of mobile computing, which is a nice thing for consumers.

Game Middle. Taking a page from Facebook, the Game Middle will now show you what your friends’ friends are doing while providing game recommendations based on their activities & habits.

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