Android Smokes iPhone Safari

Blaze Software conducted a browser speed test between Android and iPhone to determine which platform has the faster browser. Tests were performed over Wi-Fi. Blaze’s researchers built custom apps to compare the iPhone 4 and Google Nexus S using websites from Fortune 1000 companies. Each site included in the test was loaded multiple times over several days using a WiFi connection. The final results reflect a median benchmark from over 45,000 page loads. And after 45,000 tests, what they found may disappoint Apple’s fans.

Apple claimed significant web application performance gains in its latest iOS 4.3 release and the end user can expect these gains in both the Safari browser and the underlying UIWebView framework used in any web application that relies on web technologies.

Android 2.2 vs iPhone 4 Browser Speeds

Android 2.2 vs iPhone 4 Javascript Speeds

But still, in terms of straight line browser speed, the Android browser smoked the iPhone 4. Android was consistently faster than the iPhone too, in Blaze’s tests, Android bested the iPhone in 84 percent of the tested websites with the iPhone could manage barely 16 percent.
The Android browser was on average a whopping 52% faster than the iPhone 4, which meant an average time of 2.1 seconds per site load versus 3.2 seconds for the iPhone. Is’nt that a pretty significant difference?

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