AN1020-21 BSNL Modem

The so called BSNL modem AN1020-21 is the modem provided to me by my exchange and let me tell you this modem is a nightmare. Don’t ever touch this even if this is provided for free. I have previously used Belkin / Netgear modems and I just thought of giving this modem a try before I go on to purchase my next modem. And Oh boy! This modem irritated me like anything. It is so outdated that and its performance is so worst that you wont get a wifi signal until you sit in the same room where the modem is.

I tried all configurations (antennae directions, channel settings) and in all cases I would not get a signal at the floor below where as other modems manage it like a piece of cake. Finally I trashed this piece and went for a netgear again. So, please stay away from this modem to save you a headache.

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