About me

Hello, I am deepak julien. I am a guy with many interests, or so I am told. I am a time conscious, fun-loving and cool person. Some people call me workaholic. I think and debate a lot and have lot of patience. And, I love humor. You can often find me laughing. I always look at me as what I want to be instead of what I really am. If I’m drowning in an ocean then I feel like I am the best swimmer in the world. I can’t tolerate lies. I hate people who are irresponsible, non-committed, who don’t know the value of time.

I maintain balance between “work” and “life” by blurring the difference. Work and life are not two separate things to me. I think about the things that interest me all the time and I see them, talk about them, play with them daily – cars, cars, cars. I call this the privilege of loving my work!

By profession, I am mechanical engineer working for an auto major. My interest and passion on “anything that has wheels” has always expressed itself in the work I create. Here are few things about me to give you an idea of who I am and what I am doing.

Why Mechanical?
I have always been amazed at how things work. I simply would not settle down riding in a car without wondering what keeps the car going. I can still vividly remember how I would often ask my mother to stop at the airport whenever a plane was landing or taking off.

What am I doing?
My job gives me a nice view of the latest developments in automobiles. I work at the intersection of two very different disciplines – technical and legal. I work with researchers in product development and love discussing automobiles everyday.

Masters in Business administration from top B School
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree in first class with 84.53% marks.
Gold medalist for university second rank in Engineering Mechanics
University sixth rank holder in Mechanical engineering

Know more
I believe that other than what can be included in a resume, few non-tangible advantages – work ethic, focus, determination, maturity, composure, mental toughness, confidence and awareness make a good professional. Click here to connect to my LinkedIn Profile.