Argos Worst Customer Service

One fine evening, during my trip to UK, I purchased a Toshiba Camileo X150 handycam from an Argos catalog store at High Street, Brentwood by paying cash. After I reached home, I tried taking videos and to my dismay the camera continuously hunted for focus and would take 3-4 seconds to refocus and sometimes even 10 seconds whenever you move the camera or the subject moves. And that is what a video camera is for – to capture moving objects. I took these videos under room lighting and I realized that this could either be a fault with the particular camera unit I had or may be a problem with this model of cameras (X150 – Its a mid range model).

Next day morning, I took it to the Argos UK store at Brentwood and explained the store manager about the constant re-focusing issues with the camera. I even demonstrated her the issue by taking some videos at the store itself. But, the manager kept on insisting that this is how the camera would perform normally and it would take a few seconds to refocus. I have used handy cams from other brands (Sony, Canon) earlier and know that the refocus should take only split seconds. In spite of my best efforts to demonstrate this focus problem with the camera, the store manager would never listen to me and persisted that she does not find a fault with this camera. How it cannot be a fault when this refocusing delay spoils the videos it takes. Imagine you are shooting and when you move the camera or zoom in, and the camera taking its own time to refocus (causing blur for 3-4 seconds before it is sharp again). When I asked to speak to a superior at the store, the manager said she is the superior at the store and there is no more escalation possible at the store.

Finally, this refocusing issue, whether a fault in my particular unit or with this camera model itself, is not what I expected when I purchased the camera. The camera did not met my expectations. I told the store attendant that the camera has performed below my expectations and I wanted to replace it for a higher end camera. Or at the worst case, I wanted a replacement for the same camera, just to rule out that this is not a fault with the particular unit I bought. Even that was not possible according to the store manager. The store manager was not cool either in attending to this issue wit the camera. She kept on telling like a tape recorder that she could not find a fault with the unit.Though I returned the camera the very next day morning along with the Bill and the full packing, I was rejected a refund or replacement even after me trying my best to demonstrate the focusing problem with the camera. They clearly do not care for their customers once they have their money. With this, I decided – A big to NO to Argos forever. Argos has the worst customer service I have experienced so far.

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