7 Things to know Prior to Renting a One Way Truck

If you are about to purchase a house that is a long distance away, you may have asked yourself the most effective way to get all of your things there. Among the best ways is to use one way truck rentals, this will allow you to rent a truck where you live, load it up and drive to where you are moving to. You then return the truck to the branch of the rental company that is closest to the new house.

1- Call around to rental companies that deal in truck rentals. You’ll need to learn if they have any one way truck rentals readily available for the dates and destinations that you will need them. Make sure to inquire about prices, mileage limits and costs and any extra fees related with renting a one way vehicle.

2- The next step that needs to be done before you can really start moving your belongings is to figure out how much truck space you’ll actually need. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where you do not have enough room on the truck for everything you would like to take with you. However, you wouldn’t want too much space; this will cost more and enable your possessions to be damaged during transport. To determine the size of the truck you’ll need, ask the rental company for their advice, they will have formulas that determine the size truck required for the job.

3- Before you rent the truck, be sure to check it out for quality. The majority of rental companies take great pride in themselves on having dependable transportation for rent; however, it will likely be in yourbest interest to check out things such as the door latches, locks and tires. This could simply save you headaches later down the road.

4- Contact your insurance agent to ask whether your personal auto policy covers the usage of rental trucks and vans for this purpose. Although most insurance companies will cover the usage of a rental car, most do not usually cover the usage of a delivery vehicle. If your policy doesn’t cover the rental truck, you will need to buy the insurance policy that is offered by the rental company.

5- Given your need for the use of a one way truck rental, it’s smart to inquire about drop off destinations that are nearest to where you will be arriving. Ask about pick up service for the truck, if this is readily available in the area you will be moving to, it could save you precious time upon your arrival.

6- If you are moving at the end or at the start of a month, be sure to reserve your truck well in advance of the actual moving date. These times are the busiest for rental companies and if you wait to request a truck, they might not have any available for you.

7- Most rental companies will need that you reserve your vehicle with a credit or debit card. They’ll also, probably need that you be at least 25 years old to rent a truck. If either of these items will be a problem for you, you will need to have an older relative or friend rent the truck for you.

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