5 Things You Can Learn From Wolverine

Obviously, as you can already tell, this post will be about what you can learn from Wolverine, the well-known X-men character. Wolverine is seen as a bonafide badass. However, if you dig deeper, there’s a lot more substance to his character that isn’t apparent at first. He’s the most popular X-men character for a reason, he’s got certain traits that people admire, desire and crave for. Some qualities, you might already have an idea about, but others may strike you at first and take a moment to sink in. So sit back, and enjoy.

1. Confidence, Confidence, Confidence!
I don’t think I’ve stressed it enough. It’s his most prominent and powerful trait. The confidence that Wolverine possesses can only be matched by very few. There’s never a moment where Wolverine has doubts himself. It’s pretty apparent to see that when Wolverine walks with the other X-men, he simply stands out. And it’s not as if he tries to, it’s just his unmatched confidence that allows him to.

When you simply see Wolverine, you can just feel the confidence: The solid posture, the “I’m going to get what I want” attitude, the incredible physique and the commanding voice. And it all starts and ends with confidence. If we all could just be a little (or perhaps much more) confident in our daily lives, think how much we could achieve.

2. Hard as a Rock – You simply can’t break down Wolverine, and I don’t just mean physically. Wolverine’s mental strength is also a sight to behold. He doesn’t let the words of others affect him, at all. Any negativity that’s thrown his way is quickly disposed by Wolverine. Setback and failures don’t break Wolverine, they make him.

Being a war veteran, he’s dealt with almost every kind of problem that’s thrown his way and he’s come out on top. At this point, you can’t change Wolverine, he changes you. Being able to grasp the sort of tough exterior Wolverine showcases would be useful for all of us, as we wouldn’t be affected so greatly by every little failure and negative comment that’s thrown our way. Instead, we could just toss it aside like Wolverine.

3. Hidden Talents – You see, as I mentioned before, Wolverine from a far looks like nothing more than just a physically powerful mutant. However, he’s got more to him than meets the eye. Wolverine is a highly intelligent individual. For example, He’s fluent in English, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and three other languages. He’s an accomplished pilot, a master of virtually all forms of martial arts, proficient with weaponry and a highly skilled leader.

Similarly, we all have hidden talents that we may not know of, or perhaps not consider a talent. We should all do our best to find them and utilize our skills and enhance ourselves as a whole. So if you’ve got a talent that you haven’t showcased to the world for whatever reason, try it out. Who knows, others may be impressed.

4. Still Finding His Way – Even though it may not seem like it, Wolverine is a bit of a loner. He wanders time to time wondering and thinking about his deep past. Wolverine does a good job of masking his weaknesses within himself. Similarly, we should all realize that we have weaknesses and should go back to work on them from time to time. We all are trying to find our way in this world. No matter what age you are, you never stop learning and growing mentally. So it’s important to sometimes give yourself some alone time.

Now, I’m not suggesting anyone to be a loner, but some time alone can do wonders for yourself and your soul. You’re simply able to take a moment away from the constant rush, and be able to ponder over your life, your past, present or future. It’s a great way to simply find some inner peace.

5. His Scarcity Makes him Wanted – Ever wonder why Wolverine is the most popular character out of the entire team of X-men? (Keep in mind this team includes some other big time names such as Professor X, Magneto, Cyclops and etc. ) It’s because Wolverine makes himself scarce. He isn’t always everywhere with the team, so he’s wanted more. He spends a good portion of his time by himself, contemplating on his life. Similarly, it applies to other aspects of his life. Women want him because he doesn’t always give them time and attention. It’s a strategy Wolverine has mastered.

Time is valuable to Wolverine, and it’s imperative to him to spend as much time on himself as he can. Now I don’t mean you should be selfish and always be concerned with only yourself. It’s simply a strategy to get what you want. Make yourself scarce. The less you see someone, the more you appreciate them. Think about it, why do we take our family for granted sometimes (even though we shouldn’t)? Obviously because we see them more than anyone else. Use Wolverine’s strategy, and make others crave you. Time is a valuable tool, and just like Wolverine, you shouldn’t waste it.

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