5 Cheap and Best Android Phones in India

In this article, I am going to discuss the cheap as well as the best among the cheap entry level Android Phones available in India as of 2011. We will keep a budget of Rs.10,000, and we will focus on the top 5 android phones that will fall below Rs.10,000.

First of all let me tall you what is Android OS. Android OS is currently the most popular operating system for mobiles after symbian OS (Which powered phones like N73, N95). The highlight of Android OS is it is an open source OS developed, maintained and promoted by the search engine giant Google. The sheer number and variety of applications that you can run onthe Android OS makes it so feature filled and demanding and is the main thing behind Android that made it so popular, so much fun and so successful in a very short time span .

Let me start with a word for the Nokia Fanboys. Nokia has no Android phones as of the time I am writing this article and Nokia has no plans to delve into the Android market any soon. Also, Microsoft has tied up with Nokia to launch Windows Mobile based smart phones to rival the opensource Android. If you would ask me, I would tell you to buy Android phones as they have a huge set of applications or “android apps”, that is almost incomparable to any other phone platform. And you can be so happy that the international phone makers like Samsung, HTC, Dell, Huawei, Acer and a lot more support Android on their latest phones. So without further ado, lets see the top 5 cheapest and best Android phones available in India in early 2011.

5 Cheap and Best Android Phones in India

Top 5 Cheap and Best Android Phones in India

These are the best and cheap Android phones as of early 2011 below Rs.10,000. I will keep you updated as new phones arrive. So please book mark this page on your browser to check back soon.

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