AQT 35-12 Plus is a high pressure washer from Bosch. The compact AQT 35-12 plus high pressure washer enables faster and more flexible cleaning with a water flow rate of 350 litres per hour at a maximum pressure of 120 bar and comes complete with additional accessories. Bosch high pressure washers are supplied fully assembled, so they are ready to use straight out of the box.

Bosch AQT-35-12 Washer

The AQT 35-12 Plus high pressure washer has a click-fit system making it effortless to connect the high-pressure hose to the tool. An extensive range of accessories enables many different cleaning tasks to be mastered with ease. The lance and the attachments are plugged together quickly and easily. To use the tool you need to connect it to a tap. To increase the life of the high pressure washer it is recommended that you remove the air from the system before each use by squeezing the trigger on the lance and holding it down until water flows out uninterruptedly. The three in one nozzle can be rotated in 120 degree steps to switch between rotary jet fan jet and low-pressure detergent intake the required detergent can be added directly on the tool using the intake hose.

The washer has a practical holder for storage of the gun and lance. The patio cleaner is used to clean floor coverings gently. In addition to running on a standard water mains, the high pressure washer can also run on water from a water tank. Thanks to its self priming function.There’s also a self-priming accessory which allows water to be drawn from sources like ponds. The accessories and the hose in a practical and space-saving way. The handle can also be folded down to ensure space-saving storage. Overall, it is worth the money (INR 8500) paid for it!

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