I bought this cable during a travel at the airport electronics shop. Since then, this has been my favorite cord. It has been in and out of bags and cases multiple times every day and it is tough! The cord can seem a bit bulky given its robust design. I am tired of purchasing and keeping multiple cords with me during travel for my micro USB, Apple lightning and USB-C devices. I have tried cheaper version of the 3 in 1 unbranded cords but that was none of them lasted more than a short while.

Nomad 3 in 1 cable

I paid $34.95 USD for the Universal Cable and could not been any more happier with the performance of the cable in charging as well as data sync. The cable length is 1.5 meter which makes it not too long and not too short. The cables are thick, have an integrated rubber cable “tie” which does a good job of holding the cable in a nice manner.

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