I bought this steamer Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet for 90 USD during my visit to the US. I bought this to reduce my time ironing clothes that are badly shrunk using steam iron. This works only in 110 volt and I am currently using a 220 volt to 110 volt converter as this part of the world where I live in uses 220 volt. The steamer consumes 1550 watts peak. Right from day one, I love this steamer and use it daily. Once you turn it on, it takes less than a minute to be ready to use. And, the process of steaming goes really quickly. This steamer is light and easy. For my usage, a full water tank seems to last about a month between fillings. Love the hanger so I can hang whatever I need to steam. Other steams have a hook and the garment keeps moving with those hooks. I use this steamer for everything ranging from men’s clothes, my kid’s clothes and even bed sheets.

Power button at the tap of the foot makes the whole process of switching this steamer ON and OFF much more convenient. It would be really helpful if the built in hanger could rotate, but it doesn’t. The compact valet does not have the roll back support as it is available only in the Master Valet steamer. I think Rowenta should sell the roll back supporter separately for people who wish to buy it later. Overall, this steamer makes steaming clothes a lot easier. I’m glad I made the purchase. It was on sale at the time at Macy’s, so I got it at a great price!

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