2012 Ford Focus

With the prices of gas constantly fluctuating consumers are demanding a vehicle that isn’t only affordable but also great on gas. Ford Motor Company listened and the result is the 2012 Ford Focus; relatively low priced at the late $18k range and the SFE trim receives an exceptional 40 mpg on the freeway. Engineers have tightened up the suspension system, redesigned the chassis and added in an advanced cornering assist system which makes handling tight curves a breeze.

Technology is another strong point of the 2012 Ford Focus. MyFord allows drivers to control the navigation system, phone and music functions by voice commands and touch. MyKey is a great tool for parents; it allows you to control the speed limit and audio volume while your teens are behind the wheel. Torque vectoring is also new; this feature transfers torque to the wheels that need it and creates a closer connection to the road. Mileage stands at 28 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the freeway for the standard models. If you want even better economy the SFE package is available which boosts fuel economy up to 28 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway.

2012 Ford Focus

A state of the art air bag system is in place along with seatbelts with pretensioners which tighten up during impact. The optional rear view camera makes reversing a lot safer since you can easily what’s behind you. The Electronic Stability Control and anti-lock brakes adjusts the brakes during critical moments in order to maintain stability. The rain sensors start working by themselves once it starts to rain. The Parking Assist is also a cool feature which maneuvers the auto into a spot all by itself.

Under the hood you will find a robust 2.0 Liter V4 with 140 hp and 146 lb feet of torque equipped with direct injection in order to get the most out of your gas, resulting in big savings. However, as mentioned previously, the SFE package boosts mileage up to 40 mpg on the highway. These are very competitive numbers in the industry for a non-hybrid.

2012 Ford Focus

Step inside and you’ll be surrounded by a spacious and comfortable interior. It is quiet inside even at high speeds thanks to the acoustically laminated windshield. Customizable ambient lighting is also in place which lets you adjust lighting according to your mood. Opt for the premium package and you’ll get plush seats appointed in leather. At an additional price you can get leather seating and temperature controlled seats; just perfect for those cold winter mornings!

Pricing for the base model starts at $18,790; not too shabby when you consider the improvements. Personally I would opt for the SFE package since 40 mpg is extremely good and should help to save quite a bit of money at the gas pump. The 2012 Ford Focus would appeal to those who want an affordable car but also want to go green without going the hybrid route; The SFE trim is a viable alternative.

The 2012 Ford Focus promises more for less. It has got the space, pace, looks, equipment and finally fuel efficiency to boot for. It has a hatchback variant and also sedan form to contend with. Mazda 3 would definitely have some competition to look forward to now. The 2012 Ford Focus price would start from $ 16,243 and will end at $ 23,214. Looking forward to its launch? I definitely am.

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